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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why It's Not an Affair
by Rev. Patricia L. Liberty, Executive Director of Associates in Education and Prevention in Pastoral Practice, www.aeppp.org
The issue of sexual contact between clergy and congregants is complex. Whenever a minister is exposed for such behavior the aftermath is traumatic for everyone involved. Churches feel betrayed, victims/survivors are marginalized and misunderstood and the families of all involved suffer greatly. The term "consenting adults" also reflects a misunderstanding of sexual behavior between clergy and congregants. It is assumed that because two people are adults that there is consent. In reality, consent is far more complex. ... Read More
Fiduciary Duty and Sacred Trust
By Darryl W. Stephens
The sacred trust of ministry is broken when a person in a ministerial role of leadership engages in misconduct of a sexual nature. This article explains the theological and ethical foundations for the sacred trust of ministry in terms fiduciary duty, power, interpersonal boundaries, and consent. ... Read More
Is Your Pastor at Risk of Misconduct? 
By Darryl W. Stephens
The United Methodist Church is concerned about the health of its clergy—for good reason. Poor physical, mental, and emotional health can contribute to spiritual malaise and vocational burnout for a pastor. An unhealthy lifestyle can also be a contributing factor in clergy misconduct of a sexual nature. ... Read More
Ten Myths about Clergy Sexual Misconduct
By Darryl W. Stephens
Myth 1--It's just an affair. ... Read More
More articles and information can be found in Part I of GCSRW's handbook Handling Sexual Misconduct Complaints and on our Links page.


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