Compassionate Listeners


If you are planning an event on topics that may trigger emotions about personal experiences – abuse, grief, divorce, etc., consider including a Compassionate Listeners program in your planning and leadership.

A Compassionate Listener is someone with the gift of hearing with love the personal struggles of others and who has been identified by an event Planning Team for this role. The role of a Compassionate Listener is not that of a counselor or therapist but rather a ministry of presence.


Compassionate Listeners — how to be a more compassionate listener


Compassionate Listeners was developed by Wendy Minnix and Bob Hoover and is adapted from “Do No Harm 2011,” a program of the Interagency Sexual Ethics Task Force, convened General Commission on the Status and Role of Women in The United Methodist Church. This program has also been adapted for use in the Regional/Conference Schools of Christian Mission by the Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries.